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Re: Image comments for Just for you Festus :&gtwinking smiley
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 15/08/2007 04:31PM
Hahahaha ! If this chic's a minor ..... I'll eat my own shorts, but festus aka skull might still whine about her young looks .... HI ho eye rolling smiley

BTW, just outta curiosity skull, what was the reasoning behind your handle change ? The person behind the keeboard is always the same inside no matter what name they choose to go by so I'm curious how changin your screen name would impact your online presence ?

Was it because of the rants you'd made about others ratings and comments about your posts ? Did that in some way seem to warrant a name change in some effort at a misdirect so you could once more start up the same crap again only to be again called out for it under a different name? All seems pretty pointless to me, but hey, it's your world anyway, so ....

smoking smiley

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