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Re: Image comments for Idiot of a mayor
Posted by: quasi
Date: 29/08/2011 01:15AM
The point is that at the time the decision to evacuate had to be made in order to get everyone out in time there was a very real possibility that there could have been 120mph winds or more. By the time you wait and see just how bad it's gonna be it's too late to get out. It was not a bad call given the possiblity that things could have been so much worse. This storm had an unexpected last minute weakening that must have saved a lot of death and destruction. The hurricane we had here took a last minute unexpected turn that devastated this area. There is no certainty about what these things will do until they're all overwith. Again, hindsight is 20/20. Best to be prepared for the worst and be damn glad when the worst doesn't happen instead of bitching 'cause you had to go bye bye for awhile. Be glad if you have a home and family to return to - some people don't.

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