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Re: Image comments for McLaren F1 I hauled and drove
Posted by: pro_junior
Date: 28/11/2011 05:35PM
thats awesome...most of the cars I hauled were wrecked disappointed smiley

I pulled a skateboard though, so usually the wrecked car or two was just to fill out the trailer after picking up some steel coils or whatever else is heavy but doesn't take up a lot of space...anyway I was somewhere in SoCal chaining down a nearly brand new car that had been rear-ended and was smashed up pretty badly...this little old lady comes walking by on the sidewalk and she stops and says to me, oh what a shame...I said, yeah, and kept working..then she asked me, did they have insurance? how the hell would I know lol wtf?? so I turned to her and said, No! and now they're in JAIL! she said, Oh my! how terrible! or something like that, I just nodded and went back to my chains and binders and she wandered idk maybe ya had to be there...spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

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