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Re: Image comments for McLaren F1 I hauled and drove
Posted by: TimD
Date: 28/11/2011 08:20PM
I miss hauling cars in a lot of ways. Our bread and butter was hauling Lambos and Lotuses out of the San Diego port and also Lotuses out of South GA. Got to meet a lot of rich and famous folks. We delivered Daniel Cabrerra's (pitcher for the Oriels at the time) new Benz to him at Camden Yards, delivered a Benze to Javaris Crittenton (NBA) at the Lakers training center a few weeks after their summer camp started when he was a rookie, delivered a Maybach to Kenyon Martin (Denver Nuggets) and a whole host of millionaires and billionaires that are low profile types. We used to get some nice cash tips, too... one guy in La Jolla tipped us $600 and offered to let us use his hot tub overlooking the ocean from his cliff-side home. I've got enough stories for at least one book from the one year I did enclosed auto transport.

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