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Re: Image comments for ONE MILLION VIEWS ON PLUS613.COM!
Posted by: pulse
Date: 05/07/2012 01:31AM
60.6 million on plus, 124.6 million on porn

Means we're heading to 200 million, will easily do it before the year is out.

The stats above, and in the 250k image, were before the sites were split. The view counter itself is accurate to +/- ~100k views at a guess. This is because I don't think deleted images show up in that tally after they're removed. It's pretty accurate though.

Facebook and the like took a pretty serious toll on sites like these. Also, losing our listing in DMOZ because of the domain name shit really hurt us. We used to have 1000+ online at all times, now it's usually around 200 and half of them are bots.

Now even if we could get back on DMOZ it wouldn't help because nobody uses it anymore. It was great because there used to be 10s of thousands of DMOZ mirrors out there, and Google used to page rank by the number of links to a site.. thus, we had 10s of thousands of links to which we lost when DMOZ binned us because the site was 'down'. *sigh*

If the demand/load had've kept up we'd probably have spent a lot more time updating/maintaining the site and it'd be something really special. Ho hum

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