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Re: Image comments for Kim-Slob-Un
Posted by: BlahX3
Date: 15/01/2014 06:18PM
What do you consider to be mainstream media? Isn't Fox pretty much mainstream media? It's as mainstream as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN are. It's a popular news media. You know what popular means don't you? People watch it. That's what makes it mainstream, popularity. It's the same brainwashing bullshit. You are only going to get what they allow you to get. They can dress it up and present it differently to you but the content is the same crap, that being what you are ALLOWED to see. There is no fairness in any of it. None whatsoever. They can spin it clockwise and counter-clockwise to make it seem "fair" to you yet it is still the same shit behind it all.

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