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Re: Image comments for ONE MILLION VIEWS ON PLUS613.COM!
Posted by: woberto
Date: 20/10/2017 11:55AM
Ha ha, nice one pulse.

"t's that time again.. time for a new Featured Image!

It goes without saying that choosing a Featured Image is always a difficult choice. With nearly 60,000 images to choose from, and only one to choose for a whole week, you need to try and choose something special. So here it is. It's one of mine!

This image was uploaded by me, and suggested by fossil digger. This image celebrates the 1 million image view on plus613, and charts the history of views on the site to the recent 100 million milestone. So, it's nice and fitting. That's nearly one IOTW per year on average so far recently! I'm sure everybody is impressed. So without further ado, enjoy this update."

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