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Re: Image comments for Into a corner
Posted by: pulse
Date: 23/06/2022 10:51AM
Supply, demand and price gouging; yes. However that all contributes to inflationary pressure, when every component of everything has gone up 50% in price because of shipping, because of fuel, because of price gouging.. that leads to upwards inflation at a massive rate. The world hasn't kept up with demand for more than 2 years now. It's not Russia invading Ukraine that's the problem (though speculative markets around oil and food haven't been helped by it); it's been going this way since COVID lockdowns started, since governments everywhere started pumping the economy full of money to keep it afloat. Unfortunately, it looks like most pumped too hard and for too long.

What new money is being pumped into the system without being withdrawn? What's the source of it?

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