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Re: Image comments for Into a corner
Posted by: Anon
Date: 25/06/2022 05:25AM
Quasi. That's constructive.

Possibly you're affected by this: []. People said in the 1990's the technique was coming and I didn't realise what they meant. In fact I only comprehended when I saw that image recently.

Washington first demanded free trade, then free flow of money across borders, then sprung 'Quantitative easing' on everyone like a trap (wealth lost to inflation doesn't disappear, it's transferred to whomever has the new money - it's a wealth transfer). It doesn't matter what political party in that country Charles Dickens described so well: "A swindle", the same plan is followed - Trump was just a suspension. I don't care about your politics but I did notice his enemies, and I don't mean those protesting in the street, but coiffured in suits and dresses.

It's called The Catillion Effect, in short, dump enough new money in the system and income paying assets will go up in price, lowering dividends, without causing inflation, but putting those assets out of reach of the many. But 'your countrymen' are so dumb these 'elite' imagine this will pervert the judgements of courts and the content of sermons to suit the wealthiest. There's no proof it will. They just imagine it will, as so many dumb yanks imagine hunting is better than farming (acre for acre, farming is more productive).

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