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brancusi - princesse x

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brancusi - princesse x

Comments for: brancusi - princesse x
gruff Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 03:54AM

Constantin Brancusi, the brilliant Romanian sculptor.

This is art, kids, so keep the snide comments on a high level.

FrostedApe Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 04:18AM

I always wondered what a "homophone" was!
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 11:42AM

Bigger than the Emmy,bigger than the Oscar,its the Golden Dick award that goes to the actors thats is the biggest dick in Hollywood.Prior winners include Allec Baldwin,Johnny Depp,Jessica Lange,Martin Sheen,and even producers like Michael Moore,and singers like the Dixie Chicks.Its an all ass extavaganza(disclaimer:not meant for Michael Moore).Hear Quotes like "America is a dumb puppy a broken toy"Johnny Depp,Charlton Heston announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer's."


"I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association; he deserves whatever anyone says about him."George Cloony, “I would have waited longer [to out the Taliban from Afghanistan], but I probably would have done it. But that was justified because the UN supported it. Now, if we had gone in alone, then I would have been worried.”Ed Asner, "This was not a personal attack on Colin Powell. However ... speaking on behalf of so many African-American citizens, I have found Colin Powell to be a tragic failure."Harry Bellafonte[] here to see many more quotes from your favorite actors.
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 11:47AM

"We did celebrity looting there. … They asked me to come over, patronize the store, pick up some stuff. So I took all my friends over, and we went straight for the $8,000 rack of leather coats and took a bunch. The managers, they get all nervous and twitchy. They freak. But you just look at 'em really hard and walk out. That's celebrity looting."John Cusac pointing at a store to an interviewer I think people should check who they look up to and take advice from JUST CHECK IT OUT
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 11:52AM

"The death penalty is inhumane...whether that person is in a [jail] or it’s bin Laden."Danny Glover
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 11:57AM

“I haven’t even been drinking, but, at all, but, you know, being a man, I’ve got to say that we’ve got this guy in the White House who thinks he is a man, you know, who projects himself as a man because he has a certain masculinity, and he's a good old boy, and he used to drink, and he knows how to shoot a gun and how to drive a pickup truck, etcetera like that. That’s not the definition of a man, God Dammit!"“She [my wife] has educated me over the 20 years we have been together to the point where she's got me in her hip pocket."thats showing us what a man is!Ed Harris.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 01:40PM

Constantin Brancusi.. Art? ITS A GOLDEN COCK FOR CHRISSAKE.
AnonAnonAnonAnon Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2005 02:08PM

homo erotic art. Ugly as well.
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:06AM

"Our country is founded on a sham: our forefathers were slave-owning rich white guys who wanted it their way. So when I see the American flag, I go, 'Oh my God, you're insulting me.' That you can have a gay parade on Christopher Street in New York, with naked men and women on a float cheering, 'We're here, we're queer!' -- that's what makes my heart swell. Not the flag, but a gay naked man or woman burning the flag. I get choked up with pride."Janeane Garofalo
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:11AM

"Have we gone to war yet? We (expletive) deserve to get bombed. Bring it on."

"Let's get rid of all the economic (expletive) this country represents! Bring it on, I hope the Muslims win!"Chrissie Hynde
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:13AM

"Did I tell you why I hate sports? Because I hate winners and people who have to win all the time."Chrissie Hynde
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:14AM

"They can criticise you without even knowing you, and hate you when they don't even know you. All of a sudden, you're, like, the Bin Laden of America.

"Osama bin Laden is the only one who knows exactly what I'm going through," he addedR Kelly
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:22AM

Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguards had applied for permits for concealed handguns.O'Donnell may be able to afford bodyguards and pride herself that she does not "personally own a gun." Yet many other people have just as great a need for protection. Guns are the poor man's bodyguard.
Rosie O'DonnellOPPOSES HANDGUN PERMITS FOR OTHERS and has stated: "Of course, I'm against them." She has claimed that "I also think you should not buy a gun anywhere."Rosie O'Donnell
duane Report This Comment
Date: April 10, 2005 01:25AM

Eric Roberts told listeners of the Michael Medved Radio Show that it is the Republicans who are responsible for the July 16th deaths of ten people when 87-year old driver Russell Weller plowed through a Santa Monica, California farmer’s market.

So, why were Republicans behind the wheel in Santa Monica that horrific day? Simple, says Roberts. Due to the $7 billion a day we spend on the Iraq war (his wife later corrected the figure to only $1 billion), there was no money left for programs to get older drivers off the road! Yes, he really said this.Eric Roberts