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Morality doesn't make me money
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Morality doesn't make me money

"a screenshot of a social media post"

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uploader: Anonymous
date: 2019-06-30
Comments for: Morality doesn't make me money
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 30, 2019 11:13AM

Then their parents should have stayed home.
Loner Report This Comment
Date: June 30, 2019 12:20PM

(It makes me wonder whether certain clusters of Anonymous posts could in themselves be indicative of an identity)

No, you (Horan) have a difference in bullshit. But Anonymous is close to a point in his/hers/its post title. Money. Power. Both sides of our political spectrum are responsible for this. The business rich of both sides want the cheap labor. The left is interested in creating ANOTHER dependent subclass whose votes they can control. A gullible populace is content with some cheaper prices. All contributing to violating federal law, not to mention not enforcing federal law - and even worse, appearing to enforce it without really doing so. Sure, they could try to change the law. But that would never happen, because the populace would snap out of it for a second and say NO.
But now we have a wrench in the works of it all: a president that actually intends to do his job: enforcing the law. And beyond that, he's smart enough to know how this problem destabilizes the county(that's why ALL countries have immigration laws), not to mention how much all of this crap costs.
But now the invading flood of illegals is at a crazy level. Congress is blocking remedies to fix bad law that was probably written poorly on purpose in the 1st place. And the House of Representatives(the opposing party by the way) in particular is doing everything they can to make President Wrench look bad, even if it harms detainees. Think about it. President Wrench MUST take care of the illegal detainees because every flaw in the now overloaded system will be plastered all over the media controlled by the left and blamed on him(remember, Obama built the detaining facilities). Don't think for a second that the enemies of President Wrench give a fuck about any of these illegals. They do not! They only care about their own power. Think about how cynical their methods are. They can't garner votes by the reason of good policy. They have to facilitate an invasion to add to their constituency. And they already are experts at keeping minions on their plantations.
As for kids being separated from their parents, that is standard practice when the parents break the law. Where is it otherwise, smarty pants? Here we have the complication that while the parents are breaking the law they have also dragged their kids with them. It's in a foreign country. But then we get back to the facilities and funding and corruption stuff that I mentioned above.
I forgot the news source. But there was a report about how these Central American countries have no social services or safety net for their citizens. That will drive the poor out of a country for sure! Wow, it sounds a lot like Wrench's escalator speech.
Eivl Report This Comment
Date: September 08, 2023 02:01PM

Well, this didn't age well.