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"a woman in a garment holding a dumbbell"

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Comments for: Skatergirl
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: May 10, 2020 06:38PM

woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 10, 2020 10:20PM

Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 11, 2020 01:14AM

Sorry PJ, 'berto wins 2 to 1 monty

pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: May 12, 2020 03:56PM

agree 100% <laughing smily that looks like pulse and DK shrugging because they can't fix the smileys>
woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 13, 2020 12:59AM

Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 13, 2020 04:14AM

My saved collection:smoking
smiley My Smoking Smiley

(*binladen*) Bin Laden/Old Man

(*facepalm*) Forehead slap

star wars fighting Light saber fighting

(*finger2*) Shooting the finger

(*finger3*) Head w/hand shooting the finger

(*finger4*) Smiling green head shooting the finger w/both hands

(*finger5*) Smiling yellow head shooting the finger w/both hands

(*finger6*) Frowning head shooting the finger

handjob Rolling eyes while jacking off

(*up yours*) Sticking tongue out and both hands flipping the bird

clown Clown w/white face and red nose

(*finger*) Angry red head flipping the bird

(*horse*) Beating a dead horse

smiles Monty style foot smashing a head

clown Clown w/a pointy green hat

Head bobbing and hand in the air

a pepsi Head drinking a cup of Pepsi

(*butt*) Bending over and pulling down pants

kiss Blowing a kiss

totally lost Head w/question marks spinning around the head

spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Spinning head smiley sticking its tongue out

down Thumbs up

up Thumbs down

smileys with beer Smileys toasting a beer

finger smiley Smiling red head with both hands shooting the finger

smiling bouncing smiley Bouncing green head

rolling smiley Rolling eyes

drinking smiley Smiley drinking a beer

popping smiley Smiley w/eyes popping out

smiley Nerdy looking smiley w/glasses

smiley Sad green headed smiley frowning

smiley Smiling smiley

smiley Yellow head smiley turning red

grinning smiley Grinning smiley

sticking out smiley Sticking out its tongue smiley

confused smiley Smiley w/question mark by its head

smiley Angry smiley

:O Yawning smiley

disappointed smiley Sad eyed smiley w/a frownimg

smiley Winking smiley

smiley Smiley w/sunglasses

hot smiley Smiley jumping up and down w/flames

Smiley hittin another smiley in the head w/a a hammer

Clapping Hands

Eyes popping out and tongue drooling

Smiley shooting himself in the head

Banging head against the wall

Smiley spray painting "No!"

Smileys high fivin each other

Smiley hittin another smiley in the head w/a a hammer

Clapping Hands

Eyes popping out and tongue drooling

Smiley shooting himself in the head

Banging head against the wall

Smiley spray painting "No!"

Smileys high fivin each other

Flying saucer coming down and beaming up smiley

Smilie w/shades on looking left and right then calling in on a walkie talkie

Head bopping smilies toasting each other

Rotating Dollar sign

Smiley with an idea bulb over his head

Error 404

Smashin the computer

Throwin the computer out the window


Road Rage

Smiley settin off fireworks

Smiley gettin struck by lightening

Off Topic

Smiley w/sign "2 Steps Back And Hit Your Knees"

Smikey w/sign "If You Only Had A Brain"

Smilry w/sign "I Yam Sofa King Wetar Ded"

Smiley w/sign "Please Initiate Brain Before Using Keeboard"

Smiley w/sign "Fuck 'em and Feed 'em Fish Heads"

Smiley w/sign "Resistance Is FUTILE"

Smiley w/sign "Red Heads ... My Favorite Flavor"

Smiley w/sign "In Memory Of When I Cared"

Smiley w/sign "Yes, Yes, YES !!"

Smiley w/sign "^^^ Exactly ! ^^^"

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pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 13, 2020 10:29AM

See? Works like a charm, don't know what you're all whinging about.

You should all send DK a private message complaining about the lack of smileys, tell the jerk to do something other than jerk himself off.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 13, 2020 12:33PM

I wouldn say it works like a charm since I hafta keep my page of 'em open 24/7 in its own caja browser window then C&P them in.

If memory serves me didn DK just arbitrarily decide to do away with the smilies outta the blue and has all but disappeared ever since
woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 14, 2020 12:57AM

Normally the editor toolbar won't show becayse of a mod causing a javascript conflict.
But "normally" doesn't really apply around here does it?
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 14, 2020 02:54PM

So I think the general consensus is that things are a bit dusty around here. I don't disagree. It's kinda come to the point where we have to decide to kill it all, or support it.

We've never made a cent from any of this; this site has never had ads, and I don't want it to ever have any. I see the porn ads on the porn site - I presume DK gets some cash from it, I dunno, I don't (for all I know somebody hacked the site and put them on themselves) - but they certainly don't pay the bills, since I pay them. smiling
smiley I haven't actually seen DK for .. probably 10 years at this point (known each other for ~25 years now) and we barely ever even communicate. So it's kinda hard to just work on stuff, brainstorm, do things etc. Life got in the way.

I do like it here though. I like the little playground and I've been happy to see a couple of old names back in the haunt (because honestly there's so few new regulars coming around, you guys are pretty much the only reason the sites are still online). So my thoughts are;

The servers that run all of this have been kicking around for longer than is healthy, starting from around 2007/8 (and they weren't new then either). They all have failing disks; they're all well underpowered for what we need these days. Honestly I'm shocked they're still limping along at all. My plan is to replace them. I'm looking at options, be it stealing some or buying a few new ones and shipping them off to the rack we have at the hosting company. I dunno. But I'll find some replacement hardware.

Pigfucker.. I mean DK.. has said he'll put some work into things if I do that; modernising the sites a bit, making them more supportable and a bit less bug ridden. He hasn't said it but he can also fix the smileys and forum system so it's all a bit easier; bring back 'anonymous' posting but maybe with some anti spam front end or something. So that's the plan.

It's not going to be fast. If things work out the way I'm kinda hoping next week, I might get a handful of servers arranged and can look at shipping them. So perhaps by kinda.. July/August period. Even if I can leverage some free hardware I'm looking at about $500 each to ship the fuckin' things so none of it is going to be cheap (and international shipping right now is nigh on impossible). I just wanted to let you guys know that things are kinda being planned in the background.

That said - no promises smiling
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 15, 2020 01:31PM

No promises? Whaaaat?

You mean the free BJs every 7th wensdees of the month are off now? And, and ... I guess this also means the annual Plus613 all expenses paid gathering in Vegas is back burnered too?

On a serious note (what a departure eh?), no idea what rack type equipment goes for since I've never had a need for any, but in lieu of that kinda shipping costs and inherent hassle could equipment be procured here for an overall lesser amount?

Didn you mention once that the server farm you use is in Florida? Seems like one time you and the Q man were talkin about arrangin something like you're discussing doing, but ... I've slept a few times since then so that neural pathway might be corrupted.

If there's anyway I can lend a hand, lemmekno dude
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 15, 2020 01:47PM

Yup it's all hosted out of Miami. So I think "close" in geographical terms to Q, but still not exactly next door.

Purchasing is probably cheaper in the US, but it comes with complications of having to do remote OS installs and things. It's not impossible; only 1 server running things today actually originated in Australia, the rest were built in place.

I'm hoping to get them for free (and waaaay higher spec than I'd be buying if I can knock a couple off) smiling
smiley So if I can swing that, then I can build them here before they leave and shipping will def. be cheaper than purchasing. I should know next week if that's plausible or not.

I need to get a few more quotes for shipping; DHL seemed about the best but then I need to figure out exactly what I'd be sending and weights etc which I don't know right now. But big fat 50KG boxes cost a lot to ship if you want it to arrive in under 6 months. If I can get the systems it'll be very unlikely that I'd be shipping them before the start of July. We're still not back home, and once we do head home we need to start packing because we're moving at the end of June so it's just busy (where the fuck has 2020 gone? It's taking forever yet flying by..)

As for BJs; DK is always available to give them. No questions asked gloryhole madness.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2020 03:17AM

Just outta curiosity what type set up is all this runnin on?

I know a lil 'bout PCs and that's about it.

Does the server farm supply the OS and software then you supply the hardware? Or, what all is entailed in loadin up the rack prior to shipping?

Really just curious and if the explanation is too tedious, never mind
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2020 05:32PM

All good, I'm just sitting here working (3am), waiting for some of the India crew to do some stuff so killing time.

They're standard 1U (1.75" height) rack/rail mount servers; in this particular case we run on Oracle (Sun Microsystems) X4100 and X4100 M2 systems.

^ looks like one of those.

^ rear/open view

They're dual CPU (2 physical CPUs) AMD Opteron's of varying types; and between 8 and 32GB RAM (which 13 years ago was fairly decent; now not so much) and 4 x SAS (serial attached scsi) 15,000 RPM hard drives (280GB each I think) in RAID5 array (1 disk fault tolerance). On the open pic above you can see 2 x copper heatsinks, one on each CPU; in front of them there's an array of high RPM fans that push air straight through the system, front to rear.

^ most data centres, colocation companies etc look something a bit like this. I've never seen ours; it could be running outside next to a crack den for all I know. Each floor tile is 60x60CM so full size rack is typically 120x60CM (47.2 x 23.6 inch).

If you don't know much about data centres, a standard rack is 42U high; so in theory, you can fit 42 of those servers in 1 rack (in practice you'd probably have network gear/patch panels/etc in there too so actual capacity a bit less, and limited by power draw). Lots of blinking lights. Most servers aren't 1U though; it depends on their performance, capacity etc (1U tends to be a bit more expensive than an equivalent spec 2U system because more has to be crammed into smaller space; colocation companies etc charge typically on a per-RU basis so a 2U system might be a bit cheaper to buy than a 1U one; but costs for us 60% more to host).

Beyond being built to go hard 24/7, enterprise servers (like these ones; not proper midrange/mainframe systems) are really just loud PCs. They tend to have the most reliable components you can get, and don't usually come with an operating system installed, so you install your own. Most companies will have some variety of standard build for their operation. We just use off the shelf Ubuntu Linux (customized).

The systems I have my eye on trying to acquire are HP DL360 Gen10s; dual 10 core xeon CPU, 128-512GB RAM and 10 x 3TB disks (possibly flash; need to confirm). If I can swing that then I'll be happy and DK can do some work.
[] similar to this.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2020 11:45PM

Scuzzy... now that's a name I've not heard since.. oh, before you were born.
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 12:19AM

can't wait for the new servers so the IOTW updates weekly <flaming gay rainbow farting unicorn emoji>
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 06:53AM

i run pallets of that stuff through auction every month......untested
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 07:59AM

Test and steal me some
woberto Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 10:08AM

Whatever. I just want to know who Nicole and Rajeev are.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 10:14AM

Pornhub brother and sister combo
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 11:48AM

Thanks for takin the time to lay all that out pulse. The only experience I've had w/rack type components was a rack APC - UPS unit I snagged off eBay some years ago. That thing was heavy as hell bein mostly all battery cells. I used it to power 3 pcs I had runnin in my old office.

Comparin the old equipment vs new hardware wants is a quantum leap forward comparatively. 20 dual threaded Xeon cores is a helluva lot processing power but the up to 1/2 a friggin TB of ECC RAM is a mind blowing number to me!

How far off the mark from what's currently considered state of the art would such a rack system as you've outlined be?
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2020 11:58AM

In x86 space as an individual server it's up there - unless you get into GPU powered "AI" systems or quad CPU style boxes. But individual node "hosting" style systems are pretty dead these days.

In terms of rackable equipment; this stuff is nowhere near the top.

For Unix systems, the stuff I work on is.. significantly more powerful than this stuff. The average box I run at work has 8TB RAM and 2048 x 5Ghz CPU threads (SPARC M8-8).. a couple of hundred of them (basically massive database clusters). But we also do all the "big data" analytics stuff.. multi-GPU 2/4RU multi node supercomputers basically, a couple of hundred in a pool.

Basically it becomes a question of "how big is your wallet?". You can design a system with as much compute as you want. But yes, individual node x86 stuff, right now it doesn't get a lot more powerful.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 19, 2020 12:23AM

"Holy batshit Robin, that's some serious stuff there boy!"

I had no idea newer server clusters were anywhere near that hardware intensive! I mean 8TBs alone of RAM has gotta be a helluva chunk of cash, without even looking further down the line for the total costs of such a system.

I mean, with that in mind where do you even get a rack like what you're talkin about, eBay or just do some dumpster diving behind a server farm smiling bouncing smiley
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: May 19, 2020 04:42PM

all kidding aside...thanks for giving us's still my favorite place on the intertron..
p.s. upload on pr0n side is borked again..
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 20, 2020 01:15PM

Should be OK now; I dunno why it does it sometimes, if an upload doesn't complete processing in time it doesn't update the database with the thumbnail filename (which .. is identical to the image filename; in this instance, "0/d/7/b/www_porn613_net_Estelle7.jpg"winking
smiley. All it needs is manual addition of the thumbnail filename and magic happens. I blame DK's shitty code.

As for 613; I'm happy to do it. I do it because I enjoy it, and I like the peepz around here. If it wasn't for you guys it would be dead so it's really your site. I'm just some guy.

And Kim; all that stuff is my day job. I certainly can't afford that kind of shit. We're taking delivery this week of another $20M worth of hardware winking
smiley That's what I'm hoping to do, grab some old/unused/outdated stuff from work and repurpose it. I'll be at the data centre tomorrow, and I know there's some old stuff in storage (I say old; it's still waaaaaaaaaaaay newer than what we have for the sites). If I can snaffle it I will.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 20, 2020 02:20PM

"Just some guy"? Nah man, you're PULSE, overlord of the last free site on the fuckin web!

Just so you know man, the same reasons I was initially enamored with this place still hold true lo these many years later.

The ability to post, view and comment on pretty much anything within no more than a basic set of very reasonable moralistic constraints is what brought and keeps me here.

Well that and the fellow lunatics that people this joint (and if I'm being honest I even hafta add the Anons into that group).

I know what you've said about the site and how I feel about it too, but just to be sure man, I'm certainly appreciative of Plus613 and your efforts in keepin it up and running. To me this site embodies what the internet was meant to be, not the BS it's turned out to be where whiny PC bitches have become the norm instead of the exception