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I will not comply...
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I will not comply...

"a man wearing a mask"

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uploader: pro_junior
date: 2023-08-28
Comments for: I will not comply...
Spongebob Report This Comment
Date: August 30, 2023 12:41AM

what a fuckwit
Bill S Preston, Esq. Report This Comment
Date: August 30, 2023 03:59AM

"There's people dying in the streets overseas, and so far in the US we've seen a high mortality rate of this virus we know nothing about. But there's something you can do to help contain the spread, and maybe save the life of a loved one or a stranger, at a cost of very mild inconvenience to yourself."

"No, fuck them, I'm a cunt and nobody else matters. That's what JESUS taught me"

Americans are everything wrong with the USA.
Onyma Report This Comment
Date: August 30, 2023 12:17PM

No, this image is correct. When you encounter these individuals, even if they decide to mock you as shown here, just turn away and leave them to their closed minded beliefs. You'll know that you're making the choices that you're most comfortable with so and considering that's none of their business..... fuck em.
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 30, 2023 03:19PM

If you want to wear a mask then go right ahead...
I wore the mask and I took the jab and I still got sick.
If you're still scared of a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate then perhaps you should reconsider your sources of information.

Mask Weares Could Be Exposed to Toxic Chemicals

Masks are ineffective agains airborne viruses
woberto Report This Comment
Date: August 31, 2023 12:04PM

Americans seem have very poor comprehension of the English language.
But after the virus of unknown origin hit, the whole world suddenly had the same deficiency.
NO ONE said masks stop something small as an RNA strand.
At least no one with a medical degree,
Because 5% (or more these days) of people are complete fucking slobs,
masks will reduce the spread of the virus from the spittle & mucus of those slobs,
who still don't know how to wash their hands or cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.
If masks provide only a 1% reduction in the overall spread then I'm all for it.
Because the "spread" is what made this fucking escapade go on for so long.
The fact that the media did not know the difference between a virus and a bacteria was a bit alarming also
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 31, 2023 07:08PM

sterile masks

sterile PCR tests

Knock yourself out...
ghost of woberto Report This Comment
Date: August 31, 2023 10:26PM

Nah not doing links make.
I too had the jab, wore the mask, got the fucking thing anyway.
Well I tested positive at least but had no bad effects apart from the tell tale cough.
Piss poor waxseen if you ask me.