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Good dog

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Good dog

"a screenshot of a cell phone"

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Anon Report This Comment
Date: October 09, 2023 12:32AM

So... any idea why people who grew up in communism were so eager to get out of it? You know, the rush of people who fled Eastern Europe when the walls came down? And people still flee. The people who flee Venezuela, for example. And who flee Cuba... And Vietnam, Laos, and those who fled Cambodia when that was communist...

And let's talk about Pol Pot, whose communist regime murdered 40% of the country's population - those who were imprisoned had files on them that still exist. The largest file is of a woman whose 'crime' was to write love letters to her husband. You see, animals don't do that and communism is based on Darwinism, therefore she had to be punished. You can go to Cambodia as a tourist and see not only her file, but her skull, and the large shelves of skeletons of the victims of communism.

Perhaps you'd like to talk about Australia's Living Wages Case, that leads to half of us now being the beneficiaries of family trusts or family owned companies. It has also led to, at time of writing, AU$1 500 000 000 000 in personal savings in Australian banks, waiting for the pig investors, from the country that still funds communist and nazi groups (they call it 'burning the candle at both ends'), to have to sell in their next slump/crash.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: October 09, 2023 12:20PM

Good dog.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: October 10, 2023 03:49AM

What? Pulse I said Australia's Living Wages Case, not the yank system where the first 'freedom' is in rage rates - that never meet inflation.

Individual freedom and corporate freedom are incompatible definitions of freedom.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: October 10, 2023 07:35AM

'wage rates'. (*facepalm*)