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Chronicles of England, by John Stow, entry for 1106
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Chronicles of England, by John Stow, entry for 1106

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Comments for: Chronicles of England, by John Stow, entry for 1106
Anon Report This Comment
Date: October 28, 2023 01:31AM

Sorry about image quality, but this is what's available on the internet. Two days ago I was browsing a library's internal system and it was much better. To the point (all dates are AD):

1106: two moons, one in the east, one in the west.
1111: the greatest cattle plague anyone could remember. Again a plague of cattle, that also killed pigs and chickens, a few year's later. That's not a natural virus.
Great earthquakes up to 1122, another in 1129.

Fast forward:
2017: a cigar shaped object, widest at 138m, flew through the solar system in a straight line. Mystics come up with 'Oumuamua' as a name.
2018: a giant, metallic spherical object, 200 miles (320 kilometres) across, entres the solar system, sits beyond the sun but just to one side. Stays there for about a year. Solar observatories are shut down, internet filled with conspiracy 'theories' as to why, all amount to: 'alien imagery from movies are real!' but it's only hollywood movies (would that country like to hop off at the next intergalactic bus stop please?). The photos of it I saw are scrubbed. I haven't looked for child porn, but no prizes for guessing that's still around.
2019: an artificial virus that targets people.
Great earthquakes (I'm joining the dots on this).

They've done this before, they do to us what they want.

Source material in the image, I read other copies of the English Chronicles, some called The Chronicles of England and it's the same with different amounts of detail. All material published in the 1500's from earlier material.
Anonomous Report This Comment
Date: April 08, 2024 09:32AM

Update, also on instagram: virus is artificial, made by two yanks and a chinese: