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Filthy Tranny
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Filthy Tranny

"a woman smiling with a red lipstick on her lips"

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uploader: woberto
date: 2023-12-12
Comments for: Filthy Tranny
woberto Report This Comment
Date: December 12, 2023 08:56PM

Dr Oliver Hartwich
pj smiley
Returning a scrambled egg to its original state would be an apt metaphor for the challenge facing Prime Minister Chris Luxon’s newly-formed coalition government in New Zealand.

The previous Government, first led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and later by Chris Hipkins, initiated a series of policies sometimes rather disparagingly referred to as “Māorification.”
White guilt, self flagellation, the usual woke shite.
Let's hope they can fix it.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: December 13, 2023 03:10AM

It's never about the Maoris in New Zealand. Inner city Marxists claim what they want to be true is true - yet the Maoris have a song detailing the arrival of an Egyptian navigator who set out with six ships to circumnavigate the earth in around 200BC:


And that doesn't fit what the Marxists want to hear. So it's not true. And when the Maoris get angry at the lies the recently arrived whites say, there's trouble and it's presented as the Maoris fault!
GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: December 18, 2023 03:41AM

'berto pretending to be an expert about a country he doesn't live in and and bases his opinion only on what he wants to hear.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: December 18, 2023 07:08AM

Yay we got GAK back!
woberto Report This Comment
Date: December 19, 2023 10:57PM

“She’ll be remembered as quitting early. She’ll be remembered, I would imagine, for her outpourings of grief on the mosque shootings, but she certainly won’t be remembered for policy,”
“I think there won’t be a lot of memory about Jacinda Ardern other than, she was a young woman that was appointed to the job of Prime Minister, a job she once claimed she never ever wanted to do... & how ill-equipped she was to do the job by quitting a year early.” - Barry Soper
GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2023 01:19AM

There's an issue with your quote from Barry Soper (apart from his bias towards the political party that Jacinda Ardern wasn't in) is that if she, and the government she led, is not going to be remembered for policy, why is the new government hell bent on reversing half of what the previous government implemented? You might not agree with the previous government's policies, but you can't say they didn't have any.

I also think she will be remembered for how she handled the covid pandemic. My own personal opinion on that is that the NZ government at the time made mostly the right decisions for our country, but their timing wasn't always the best, ie. things were implemented too late (or too early), or they were held in place too long, etc.
GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2023 01:20AM

"Yay we got GAK back!" - I'm often lurking, but don't always comment.