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Socialist Elite
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Socialist Elite

"a man in a suit"

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Comments for: Socialist Elite
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Date: February 25, 2024 06:24AM

I don't know about that particular story, but he was judaist:


He was also a member of MEGA, who gain their money by blackmailing members of the Pentagon (something about "small children"winking
smiley to give funds to them as 'third parties' to fund projects that destabilise the world, betraying all countries and subjugating them under a 'world america' - the missing funds that were being investigated in two places: where a cruise missile hit the Pentagon and Tower 7 of the World Trade Centre.

Naturally the members of MEGA skim the funds, it's where their wealth comes from. (MEGA funded Jeffrey Epstein, it's perfectly consistent with the evils of judaism). MEGA founded BIG: that short, politically connected families (able to be manipulated without their knowing it, according to a psychological claim: "Hitler was short, Mussolini was short, all the trouble makers are short"winking
smiley would be found in every country, encouraged to invest in BIG and found political parties (before the 1950's most countries' politicians were independents) that select corruptible candidates, who would invest in front funds founded by BIG, then sell government assets cheaply to the funds. Profit! One day the first fund stops accepting new investors, it holds back some of its income to buy out deceased estates and the BIG families get it all! See! It's about families! Then the next fund...

Then, when all the assets have been bought, countries brought to their knees (deprived of wealth), the solution is a world america! See! Joys of democracy (never mind the new sport of school shootings)! As they persuaded the politicians in Hawaii to do in the late 1800's, handing their country to the yanks. The Princess died mysteriously and there are now no wealthy, well educated native Hawaiians (it's called White Ants, the one who hands over their country to you is always killed, so they don't take it back again. The Nazis used the method too).

Then when all the world is america and under BIG, MEGA use blackmailed members of the Pentagon to kill the non american families in BIG, seizing the accounts, just like that, leaving only americans and MEGA in BIG, then the american families are killed, leaving only MEGA, and MEGA is a Mossad asset ("That's not what we use MEGA for" - the yanks can look that quote up in their own intelligence database).
Anon Report This Comment
Date: February 25, 2024 06:31AM

So close quotes, close brackets and full stop inserts this: "winking
Leaving a space after the bracket: "winking
smiley .
A space after the close quote: " ).