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War pre-conditioning, like Romantic Nationalism Music in the late 1800's.
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War pre-conditioning, like Romantic Nationalism Music in the late 1800's.

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Comments for: War pre-conditioning, like Romantic Nationalism Music in the late 1800's.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2024 04:20AM

They imagine we will fight for them

Part 1

Australian political forums opposing disarmament and the 'gun laws' are subject to government shutdown, but if you preach Marx or massacre to ban guns there are no consequences! Strange, if you happen to belong to the Nazi party in Australia there are also no consequences! Since the end of the Cold War both are funded by the Pentagon as controlled opposition ("burn the candle at both ends" ). So they can weaken all countries for their takeover - they are the enemy.

Barry Unsworth was recruited as an agent for the yanks whilst studying at Harvard (it's one of the functions of their universities and I don't recommend studying over there, the same happens in their theological schools).

He came back to Australia and in a strange deal, manipulating the Westminster System, became Premier of NSW in 1987, and preached terrorism: ("We need a massacre, to ban guns" ) - it's about the yanks wanting to take us over.

In Australia, due to its greatest invention, The Living Wages Case, there were no 'working class' at the time, but lower, middle, and upper middle class (about 1% who could be called upper class ). Including in trades (ten years of inflation with mass immigration and no wage rises has efficiently destroyed this. The yanks were always opposed to The Living Wages Case as it regulates corporations, not liberates them ).

In the suburbs where the middle and upper middle class lived (in Sydney, the North Shore, Northern Beaches, North West and Eastern Suburbs ), opponents to disarmament were evicted from church. Marriages broke up. People lost their jobs, the Australian Federal Police launched sledge hammer raids on houses searching for "Hidden weapons caches" and the banks foreclosed. They were the subjects of rumour campaigns calling them mentally ill, rednecks and terrorists.

In the universities in the capital cites girls who stood up against banning guns were raped, sometimes in broad daylight in the university of Technology (Sydney) library, with the library staff conveniently absent. Young girls, students, including church goers, justified those rapes. In an act of blatant gaslighting, clergy told them they "Lost the protection of Jesus".

Men and couples were bashed by union thugs, or thugs recruited from marxist organisations in universities called Sections. One man was beaten to death in Sydney, he left a wife and two children.

The Mental Health Act in each State and Territory clearly lists things that are not mental illness, including refusal to join a religion or support a political cause, but if mass murder is an accepted, respected, tool of change, what does law matter? Might is right. People who retaliated to the bullying, harassment, rumours, what was done to them, were prosecuted and falsely imprisoned as mentally ill. They were dead "In as little as two weeks". There's a Wikipedia page about deaths at Peat Island north of Sydney.

Then came the revelation that Christ promoted weapons ownership. Political (thought) policing was transferred to the Australian Federal Police and NSW now has a Fixated Persons Unit.

See the articles:


Look at the occupation of the victim. And:


The method is called defenestration. That's odd, here's the English meaning of the word:

1. (transitive)
to throw (a person or a thing) out of a window
2. (intransitive) computing
to stop using the Windows operating system

Here's the latin use of the word:

1. the action of throwing someone out of a window
2. the action or process of dismissing someone from a position of power or authority

Money is power, so it also means rendering someone poor. Oppression. We are an English speaking country under the Westminster system. Why does this rogue operation exist and why is it governed by catholic concepts? (In catholicism there's a blending of politics and religion. )

Christ promoted weapons ownership. So the victims were the Christians. That explains the reversing of society in the western world in the short time since.

The Pentagon funded the disarmament campaigns in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and India, intending to take these places over in an enlarged america, by first killing anyone who would resist. See the articles, possibly from the archive:

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Press Release c-1998.
Fairfax - GOOD WEEKEND, 5 April 1997 "In The Firing Line" by Sonya Voumard
ISSN 1443-8607 Vol 1 Number 2 Nov. 2000.
American Rifleman - by Daniel T. McElrath, July 2000 p.13
Various Internet sites re Soros and "Gun Control" advocate posted articles
Fairfax - GOOD WEEKEND, 5 April 1997 "In The Firing Line" by Sonya Voumard
Murder By Injection by Eustace Mullins 1988, p.224
American NRA's ILA article, "Canada: where registration equals confiscation" American Rifleman, March 2001, p.67-69.
Serial Killers Part II, by Carol Greene and David Hammer (c-1990) p.11.

In Australia the National Crimes Act 1917 specified the crime of Sabotage (since replaced) : "Disarmament of the Commonwealth. Penalty: Death."
Civilian firearms owners were listed under the Defence Act (this system worked so well in Ukraine, the principle is thousands of years old ). There are no statutes of limitations on serious offences in Australia, there never has been. Accessory to a crime is as bad as the crime in Australia, it always was.

In an act of gaslighting, the guilty claim Jesus tells you to forgive, so the crimes don't matter, including the murders and rapes. If you don't, they claim Christ won't forgive you, that no one can want their crimes punished, but any dissent or retaliation will be punished. See! Jesus is fully adjustable to suit the circumstances of the moment, when: "They are without excuse", and: "They who show the elect no mercy will be shown no mercy."

They need Christ to betray his followers, when that's not how it works. It's not how it will ever work.

Part 2

On July 8, 1853, American Commodore Matthew Perry sailed some warships into Tokyo Harbour, pointed his guns at everyone and ordered Japan to open up to trade, something they had refused to do. In 1890 another american, Captain Alfred Mahan, published a book: "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History" in it he introduced a lie that it is "God's Manifest Destiny" for the white north american race to own all money, assets, resources and trade. Add whatever other make believe and it's been an american military intelligence operation to construct a 'Global Theocracy' since at least 1900:

In the West, generations of students at 'elite' church run schools have been carefully taught to be sociopaths (apparently the easiest type of fool to lead without their being aware of it), who studiously ignore technical and professional advice and follow their (political) leader, even after Scott Morrison's secret ministries demonstrated that whilst clergy counsel people to follow the leader, clergy also counsel the leader to betray even his closest followers! (The sociopathy also explains much of what came out at the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child Abuse.). The end scene is where the clergy then betray the leader, it's called "A global theocracy."

American universities are known for psychological techniques, entrapment, blackmail and recruiting spies from every country, I don't recommend any of them. They carefully teach the lie that the yank economic model is sovereign, without pointing out someone designed it and can change it. You saw that with 'Quantitative Easing'. Exactly the same thing happens in its theological colleges.

The recruits to this project taught their congregations to evict any member opposing banning guns, to justify the rapes, false imprisonments in the psychiatric wards and murders. And to cynically use the word love. It was the use of mutual guilt: you committed a crime carrying the death penalty, get away with it any way you can, and, like all human sacrifice, it commits the group to the leader through a mutual murder (in some cults this is an act against someone else, not necessarily murder).

The blueprint is clearly displayed in the Indonesian invasion of Dutch New Guinea, where, as part of the deal with Washington, the then largest copper mine on earth was sold on the New York Exchange, the Dutch missionaries murdered and replaced with american Baptist ones, and as late as the 1980's americans were spreading libel about the murdered Dutch. In churches in the West.

That's the blueprint: all clergy in all religions will be americans - one way or another. The historical principle is: "The language in which you know God is the language of power."

The technique is called White Ants. The one who hands their country over to you is always killed, so they can't take it away again. Witness that, after handing their country over to Washington, there are now no wealthy, well educated native Hawaiians. The Nazis used the technique too: despite the promises of reward, the fifth column collaborators were all murdered.

I suggest 'Agent Storm', by Morten Storm, a Dane working for PET (Denmark's counter terrorist police unit) who was in Yemen with Al-Qaeda, whom the yanks tried to have murdered when he was no longer useful to them, as he could contradict their pretending the successes against Al-Qaeda were 'all american'. There you will also read of the murder of an Ethiopian policeman, whom the yanks betrayed to Al-Shabaab, whom he infiltrated, and, like all good cops, was carefully mapping out the organisation and its operations so it could be crushed in one swoop, without involving americans.

Part 3

Fighter jets shoot down drones, drones don't yet shoot down fighters. So you first build your backbone of defence with enough fighters, the same principle applies to a navy. Government has listened to yanks and is abandoning the backbone for the forward attack bit (drones etc.). This means Australia's mainland will be exposed to drone attacks that could be avoided, the same with ICBMs, depending on their speed.

But the yanks look so convincingly good, in yank movies rewriting history - lie - pretending only yanks win wars, that there's no victory without them! The Battle of Britain was won by Britain without them, Hitler had his first taste of defeat and, wanting a triumph, sent his army into Russia before it was ready (no road building courses for artillery crews, no winter furs, not enough tanks, not enough tank transports for the tanks they had, none of the eight wheeled armoured cars with tank turrets that came too few, too late to negate the Russian advantage in numbers in places tanks can't go, and so on). Nor do they mention an Australian militia, familiar in civilian life with the same calibre the armed forces used, stopped the Japanese in New Guinea, nor the Royal Australian Air Force sinking the first Japanese invasion force sailing for Port Moresby (the British designed Beaufighter and Beaufort were awesome planes). So they must be right!

This repeats what happened in WWII - an Australian engineer named Kidd had investments in small engineering companies and made a business trip to Japan in the 1930s. He came back saying there's going to be a war, as Japan's manufacturing output far exceeded its consumption. To keep it short, families, persuaded by catholic monks, priests, whatever they are, that they will be our hereditary nobility, who formed the Australian Club, had been brought up with a special, one off, comic book printed by a Jewish group, presenting Australian boys as admirers of yanks, loyal to them, not the British Empire (the yanks' shoddy constitution allows for opaque corporate government, as opposed to the transparency of laws by parliament, I assume that's the motive). So the assurances from the yanks about the Japanese (short, buck toothed, glasses and outdated equipment) must be true!

The yank propaganda was so persuasive that in the 1940's a British officer in Malaya felt a need to report he had inspected dead Japanese soldiers and there was not a specimen under six feet, nor a buck tooth or pair of glasses among them.


WAtoday ran an article on the Australian Club demonstrating its power is fading, as it eagerly accepted George Pell as a member, after he got out of prison and everyone knew what he had done, so a younger generation refuse to join and others left.

The article describes people and events I knew nothing of, doesn't mention those families, whom I was told about by families in Warrawee and Wahroonga, when they realised those families saw me as a threat to the reputations of their family lines ("It's about families"winking
smiley, due to a distant relative who was a business partner of Mr Kidd. It was a very long bow to draw and I knew nothing of it, but it's true. In the years since I have wondered how anyone could connect me to my relative (different surnames), before there was a National Computer Centre, where all of Australia's government department databases were under one roof. I don't know how it was done. It was done due to my mixing in politically connected circles on Sydney's North Shore in the late 1980's, even though I have never been a member of that party, meaning those circles are very thoroughly monitored.

In recent years I was told an amazingly similar story by a woman whose family's company was deliberately bankrupted, crushing the family in society, in a process also connected to members of the Australian Club, to protect Alistair Crowley, one of the most evil men to have lived (warning: you can't unread what you will if you look him up). Her ancestor founded a cult Crowley joined, then was evicted as an agent or plant - this matches precisely what I heard, that he was working for the Vatican, wanting to make a pre-existing group into a catholic 'improper order' (if members include non catholics), and, unless they are clergy or monks (there are no women in the organisation he then founded), they don't grow old in the nursing home. They are too guilty and too stupid to notice.

In the 1940's we were desperately fighting the Japanese off our borders. It was the armed forces and civilians who paid the price of lack of preparation. Exposing Australia's mainland to drone attack repeats this.

Part 4

Due to the stupidity of adopting free trade, Australia's economy now relies on exports and imports and nothing will sail in the war - everything will be sunk and every plane shot down. So some foreigners have sold out, and: "no one has any guns". The vast sums in Australia's bank accounts can pay for a British Commonwealth war effort, so it's a geopolitical consideration, and what countries will do about it. The money leaving banks to pay for those assets means the geopolitical consideration fades. That probably saves our banks from more attacks than just cyber.

It also means no money for a large British Commonwealth war effort - the yank miss-comprehension of the Catillion Effect (that I'm not sure works) that you know part of as 'Quantitative Easing', meaning just make money out of nothing as electronic digits and borrow it at interest forever, no intelligent person wants to do.

The miss-comprehension is based on the fairy tale that they are the authority on all knowledge. They cannot be shaken from this pig-headedness. So their economy will fail in time. Do not let your economy go with theirs.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2024 06:39AM

Nobody's gonna read that shit mate.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2024 08:52AM

Don't you think I know how long it is? And what I'm saying?

Unfortunately the yank negotiator with Israel is a Judaist, they're not even hiding it with his name. Amos Hochstein, a US special envoy. This signals the results are predetermined and it's just for show. Predetermined results in negotiations can be expected in every other direction, including regards the coming war. It's the pattern of behaviour for decades.
anon Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2024 10:59AM

In the modern global landscape, the intertwining narratives of geopolitics, societal issues, transitive verbs and everyday rituals often seem disparate yet oddly connected, like a tangled web spun by an overenthusiastic arachnid. Let us gaze across the sands of time and space towards the ancient land of Israel. A land steeped in history, myth, and controversy, Israel serves as a crucible where the flames of religion, politics, and cultural identity intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of discord and harmony. From the ancient struggles of biblical times to the modern-day quagmire of territorial disputes and geopolitical manoeuvrings, Israel stands as a testament to the enduring complexities of human existence. But I digress, for what does Israel truly signify in the grand tapestry of global affairs? Is it a beacon of hope or a lightning rod for controversy? Perhaps it is both, a paradoxical chimera that defies easy categorization and interpretation. And lo, as we delve deeper into the labyrinthine corridors of geopolitical intrigue, we stumble upon the enigmatic concept of the New World Order. Ah yes, the elusive spectre that haunts the dreams of conspiracy theorists and armchair philosophers alike. Some see it as a benevolent force guiding humanity towards a utopian future, while others view it as a nefarious cabal hell-bent on enslaving the masses and establishing a totalitarian regime. But what if the truth lies somewhere in between, obscured by layers of misinformation and half-truths? What if the New World Order is but a reflection of our collective fears and desires, a Rorschach blot upon which we project our deepest anxieties and aspirations?

But I digress once more, for our journey takes an unexpected turn towards the shores of America, that great melting pot of contradictions and paradoxes. Here, amidst the gleaming skyscrapers and bustling streets, lies a nation grappling with the spectre of racism that continues to haunt its past and present. From the dark legacy of slavery to the ongoing struggles for racial equality and justice, America stands at a crossroads, torn between its lofty ideals and harsh realities. But what role does racism truly play in the grand scheme of things? Is it merely a symptom of deeper societal malaise or a fundamental flaw ingrained within the fabric of American identity? Perhaps the answer eludes us, obscured by the fog of history and the complexities of human nature. What lessons can we glean from the act of squeezing juice from the flesh of an orange? Is it a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of life, a reminder that even the most mundane tasks can hold profound meaning? Or is it simply a delicious beverage to be enjoyed on a lazy summer afternoon? The answer, it seems, is as elusive as the proverbial needle in a haystack, lost amidst a sea of tangents and digressions. But perhaps wisdom is not the true goal of our odyssey, for in the meandering paths we tread and the winding roads we wander, we discover something far more precious: the joy of exploration, the thrill of discovery, and the beauty of the unexpected. I leave you with these words of wisdom: embrace the chaos, revel in the confusion, and never underestimate the power of a good glass of naval orange juice or the distance dance of the musings of the riddles.
Anon Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2024 09:05PM

Now anon's calling me a bot with some shoddy AI.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: March 08, 2024 07:00AM

Oh, look, someone missed the bin with a pile of garbage and it landed on plus613.