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This site is so refreshing to use
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This site is so refreshing to use

"a sign with clouds in the background"

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Comments for: This site is so refreshing to use
pulse Report This Comment
Date: April 23, 2024 09:56AM

Thanks. Not to sound too self serving, but I actually agree with you. I was waiting to pick up some dinner earlier and looking at a site on my phone without the comfort of my at-home ad blocking and the amount of "X wants to send you notifications" popups, ads every 3 lines of text plus a pop-over ad at the bottom of the page, plus as you scroll down the page disappears into a full page ad that you need to scroll past etc.. It was horrific, and I ended up closing it before finishing the article.

The web is getting pretty horrible to traverse, so I'm glad we can have our little corner of the internet that's not dogshit to view.

As much as I'd love you to all make me a millionaire, we've long since passed the days where we needed financial support to survive. In the early days it was insanely hard and expensive to run the site, ESPECIALLY the porn site. When web hosts charged per thousand hits (and a hit was EVERYTHING; each image on the page, text body, etc), and for data transferred, and for storage, and ..

These days, the real costs are all sunk costs. We already own the hardware, I've already paid for it all, and as nice as it would be for the sites to pay me back all the cash that have been put into them, it doesn't matter. Things were designed to be able to cope with the much larger porn site running as well, so the ongoing costs are pretty negligible compared to the setup. If, magically, we got a heap of users then maybe things would change; but the infrastructure is now designed in such a way that we can take that, and expand horizontally with more front end web servers and page accelerators and reignite some of the porn infrastructure if required.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: April 23, 2024 10:17AM

Thanks, pulse.
Still waiting on my sandwich, though. And none of that Vegemite junk.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: April 23, 2024 02:34PM

I sent it to you?

1 large Vegemite sandwich to:

Florida, USA.

You didn't get it??

Probably a good thing.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2024 11:54AM

Probably got eaten by some Aussie postal employee.