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Anon in overdrive
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Anon in overdrive

"a plane flying in the sky"

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Comments for: Anon in overdrive
Anon Report This Comment
Date: May 04, 2024 08:49AM

Ha! More like bored house minding in Sydney unable to do what I want to do. I don't get censored on plus613 as I did on Gab and 4chan.

As for that number of complaints, you have to remember that most criticism of companies for ideological crimes are by dole bludgers with 8 twitter accounts who see themselves as gainfully employed. If you work for a company I suggest no social media accounts. If your company has one, how many sales have been done through it? Can you employ someone old and tough enough to ignore criticism of anything but the product? The critic has to show they know the subject.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: May 04, 2024 09:50AM

Naples, Florida, overall a wealthy community, has had a small airport that people have been flying in and out of for 50 years at least. Some of the wealthy folks who move there near the airport but don't have private jets complain about the noise from other wealthy people's private jets. I'm sure this happens other places but in my part of the world we hear the whiners on the local news a couple of times a year. Self created first world problems at the top of the food chain.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: May 04, 2024 11:49AM

There's a famous pub in Melbourne called 'The Espy', or The Esplanade Hotel.

It's been around for 150 years and been a live music venue forever. An apartment building was built next door, and the residents complained about the noise until the pub ended up closing due to it (it's reopened now after major renovations and soundproofing).

It's the same thing though. You move into an area where something has been for 150 years and bitch about it. Maybe do your homework..?
Anon Report This Comment
Date: May 05, 2024 09:50AM

Where I now live there's a rifle range aiming into a short but wide and very high walled gully, it's been there forever. It's on "Rifle Range Road" for crying out loud and when houses were built 500m away parallel with it, a few (of about 30) new home owners complained of their Saturday mornings being disturbed by noise. No one paid attention and the small bore competitions are still held there, starting early. The club now owns a multi-million dollar complex out of town that's so good police use it for training, but odd jobs, like sighting in rifles, are done at the old range, regardless of time.

There's a family that complained multiple times to the council about the noise of birds in trees and from children playing, they were spying on kids. Police invited them to move elsewhere. I puzzle what they're going to do about a retirement village, as they tend to have trees that attract birds - for the enjoyment of residents.