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Murdered 50 years ago today
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Murdered 50 years ago today

"a poster of several men"

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uploader: quasi
date: 2024-06-21
Comments for: Murdered 50 years ago today
quasi Report This Comment
Date: June 21, 2024 05:10PM

Correction: 60 years ago today

This is why we see black Disney princesses today as an atonement and better representation. This and other, similar events happened in my lifetime, within my memories, which is why I have no problem with more black representation today, and mocking and laughing at them is a slap in the face to many who also remember these events and, at the time, feared for their lives.

On June 21, 1964, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman were tortured and murdered by the KKK with help from the deputy sheriff near Philadelphia in Neshoba County, Miss. They were killed defending the right to learn and human rights for all. The three young men had traveled to Neshoba County to investigate the burning of Mt. Zion Methodist Church, which had been a site of a CORE Freedom School.
While their case received national attention (thanks to grassroots organizers), there were more people murdered while seeking basic democratic and human rights.

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Anonomous Report This Comment
Date: June 22, 2024 02:40AM

Your government, and establishment as a whole, imagine you're a beacon of hope, democracy and freedom for the rest of us. No.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: June 22, 2024 12:26PM

No government is perfect but we have made strides, however there are elements here today who are trying to turn back the clock. They say they want to make America great again but what they really want is to make it cruel again, only benefitting themselves or those of their race, religion, and sexual orientation; freedom for them but not for others.
Anonomous Report This Comment
Date: June 23, 2024 07:02AM

Quasi it's bad here in Australia or worse, in different words. I recently had a conversation about a new political talking point: "Reconciliation and forgiveness". Both words are in the Bible, but as I first heard it said by Tony Abbot, I thought it an invitation to convert to Lucifer.

Sure enough, the Bible puts Christ at the centre of what's being reconciled with, the current use of the term adds the fine print: "We don't have to be reconciled to you, you have to be reconciled to us and what we have done." It doesn't matter what high profile person says it, or the community Gestapo network, that's what they mean by it.
Anonomous Report This Comment
Date: June 23, 2024 07:22AM

Smoke and mirrors is what I mean in the post above.

Anything like this happening over there?


Note the bit about getting a firearms license through a political party...